Become a Technite

A Technite is an approved installer. Technites can either report into Super Technites or work as individuals providing installation and/or technical services requested by a Partner team. These individuals receive mobile applications to enable them to receive instructions and schedule installations. As a Technite you will become part of our Technites network and will have access to training and other tools. 

A Technite is responsible for:

  • Performing quality installations and service calls visits for customers
  • Using the Technites Mobile App to receive and accept job requests
  • Managing pending jobs and communicate with the Super Technite and customers
  • Ensuring that all installations performed strictly adhere to procedures as stipulated in the training programme and manuals
  • Performing checklist procedure before and after job completion with the customer
  • Liaising with Super Technite during all installations confirming and ensuring all satisfactory installation and service provided for the customer
  • Submitting installation reports for every job performed to the Super Technite through the Technite Mobile App

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Technites account.

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Technite Application
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Once your application
is approved 

you can start training.