Super Technite

Become a Super Technite

Super Technites are responsible for recruitment, management of technicians, and installation of products sold. They provide management reports and obtain remuneration based on KPI’s achieved. As a Super Technite Partner you will become part of our Technites network and will have access to training and other information.

Super Technites are responsible for

  • Managing recruitment, vetting and training of all Technites
  • Managing the deployment of Technite installers to customer sites
  • Managing quality assurance checks on all installations on an ongoing basis
  • Managing scheduling of Technite installation and service calls
  • Managing inventory control and allocation of CPE to Technites
  • Managing customer complaints and fault resolution as per SLA’s
  • Ensure installations and service calls turnaround times are strictly adhered to
  • Managing payment schedules of Technites
  • Liaise with Cumii in-country team in relationship to all jobs undertaken
  • Provide daily updates and reports at close of business to Cumii on installations conducted by Technites

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