Cumii ConnectedCar
Cumii Connected-Car offers you fleet management, personal vehicle management services, stolen vehicle recovery, insurance and asset tracking for everything from containers right down to your kids! The benefits are astounding and include fuel savings of up to 20%, increased productivity and real-time vehicle tracking. Cumii Connected-Car puts you in the driver’s seat when managing your assets anywhere, anytime. READ MORE

Cumii ConnectedHome 
For total peace of mind,
Cumii Home gives you control over your home security and energy management. It uses high-end alarm systems, sensors, indoor & outdoor IP cameras and rapid response services. Another key benefit is that Cumii Home offers remote access to your home.  READ MORE


Cumii Energy
Monitor and manage the energy costs of your home or business from wherever you are. Apart from telling you how much power you are currently consuming,
Cumii Energy lets you regulate your lights, geyser, aircon, pool and any other electrical appliance you choose to add, by only runninig them when needed. You can control your devices onsite through your touchscreen smart hub or through a computer, tablet or Smartphone when you’re offsite. You won’t only be saving money but helping to save the planet too.

Cumii ConnectedHealth
We place the latest technology at our customers’ disposal to monitor, control and manage diabetes and blood pressure of patients across the continent. We’ve also built a network of healthcare practitioners, mobile operators and healthcare insurers to improve life for sufferers of these conditions. Just another way in which
Cumii is improving people’s lives. READ MORE